About us

For more information, call 1-732-213-2534

Who is Home Brite Firewood?

Home Brite Firewood was founded more than a decade ago by entrepreneur and firewood innovator, Mr. Robert “Bob” Kight. Bob saw the need in New Jersey for quality goods and services and with this vision he founded Home Brite.

Two years later, Bob and his family founded Home Brite Firewood. With his son, Bob began to deliver cords of wood to friends and neighbors growing this business into the success it has become today. Call now and speak with Bob or his staff to learn how Home Brite can help you?

Why choose us

We are local and care about your buisness. At Home Brite Firewood, each customer is far more than just a sale. We count on your positive experience with us to continue to help us grow. Call now to learn about our work, our mission in helping others and, most of all, the aged firewood we have ready for delivery toady!


25 Oakshades Ave.
Aberdeen, NJ 07747

Opening hours

Mon to Fri: 8AM- 6PM
Sat: 9AM - 2PM

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